Privacy Policy

Welcome to the world of Spectrum Technology. Our customer’s privacy is of paramount importance to us. At Spectrum Technology we always respect laws of the land and follow all the rules and regulations laid down by country’s federal system, in line with constitution of India. One of the most important fundamental rights is the right to privacy for each and every individual of republic India. At spectrum technology, being one of the responsible corporate we comply with all the rules, regulations and business code of conduct of our sovereign country, India. Our privacy policy is applicable to our entire customer base irrespective of products or services they consume from us. As a matter of policy we keep our customer’s personal information utmost confidential. Customer’s information stored in our database is only meant to connect and interact with each other at ease, for the purpose of smooth service delivery only. We never share personal information of our customer with any individual or organization, neither for promotional purpose nor for any other commercial use.
By honouring our privacy policy as explained above, you agree specifically that, Spectrum Technology can collect, process, and use your data and personal information in accordance with the same. Herewith we once again assure you that, Spectrum Technology will use your information in strict compliance with data protection regulations of Govt. of India.
Under no circumstances will we sell or rent your personal information to third parties, for their marketing purposes, or for any or other purposes. If you do not agree with the terms of the privacy policy, you are free to not register or not to make any online payment to us.
To reiterate once again, you agree that, we may use and store your personal information for the following internal use and purposes only: • Providing the services and customer services you have requested
• Resolving conflicts, collection of fees, troubleshooting problems
• Prevention of potentially illegal or prohibited activities
• Adjustment, review and improvement of our services