Frequently Asked Questions

It takes maximum 1 hour to fix any broken screen*.

In general it takes 2 to 3 hours to fix a dead laptop.

Usually time taken for repairing this type of cases varies between 2 to 3 hours or little more depending on the Make and Model of the Laptop.

Usually time taken for repairing this type of cases varies between 2 to 3 hours or little more depending on the Make and Model of the Laptop.

Our engineers does a superficial inspection on the laptop to understand whether the problem is identified without disassembling the Laptop or it further requires thorough investigation by physically dismantling the Laptop. If problem is identified from outside, then the cost of repair would be notified then and there. If cost of repair does not suit the customer and he intent to take it back without repair then there would be zero charge levied on him. Customer does not agree to get it repaired without any diagnosis charge. However in order to diagnose the fault, if laptop is required to be dismantled then, after dismantling the same the estimated cost would be intimated to the customer. If customer is agreed, then after doing the registration formality with job card fill-up, our team goes for repair action. In case the customer does not agree to afford the cost of repair or the estimated cost seems to be unacceptable to him, then in that case, depending on the Model and Make of the Laptop Rs.500.00 to Rs.1000.00 would be charged towards the cost of diagnosis, even without further repair action.

Generally Laptop being sensitive requiring sophisticated tool to fix the problem, it is advisable to bring it to our workshop for repair. However, in special cases, if problem symptom given by customer, sounds to our engineer as a superficial problem which can be addressed without dismantling the laptop, then in that case onsite service can be given at customer site. Here charges applicable to customer would cover the conveyance cost and cost of travel time of our engineer.

As part of our initial assessment, we’ll conclusively determine if the machine is worth repairing or replacing with a newer model. We’ll take into consideration your budget and personal requirements for similar devices.

It’s advisable to run the machine on AC power in order to optimize device functionality. Battery power should only be used when portability or the lack of a power source exists.

Routine preventive maintenance at professional service centre, when there is no physical problem or symptom noticed, gives better life and mobility to the Laptop. Because of preventive maintenance dust accumulation does not happen in electronic part and hence chance of absorbing moisture is minimized to great extent, resulting no erosion, ensuring zero rust in electronics circuit/chips. Due to cleaning and greasing of hinges, stiffness effect gets zeroed and hence it remains smooth. Otherwise, when hinges gets stiff, it results pulling out the cabinet from front and bottom side, making greater and costlier damage to laptop. Also, it is must to have antivirus software installed to avoid damage to OS, Application software and data file. It is advisable to have patience while working on laptop and allowing sufficient time to open or close the applications & data files are wise steps to follow. Never get desperate to open number of applications, at a time, before previous application opened by you is stabilized. Do not forcibly close the applications already opened. Try to close one by one application allowing time to settle down. Try to open one by one application too, once you find previous application is fully opened and stabilized. Do proper shutdown before closing the Laptop screen. As far as possible, do work in cool environment.

We would prefer to say the repair work we do up to perfection over guarantee. Nothing is indispensible and the word guarantee in that sense is imperfect too. We will always work to meet the customer need with smile inorder to make sure all our customers are satisfied with our work. If you ever have a question or any query over a service, our customer support team is ready to make sure you are happy with our service

Our firm is very old and we are operating in the market since last 16 plus years with lot of customers enrolled and we carry tremendous customer good will due to our service support and professional work ethics. You can check our online reviews, customer reference to get supplemented on your queries. We also have proper computerized system loaded with in-house designed, web based application software starting from receipt of Laptop to Work in progress to customer delivery. Records at each and every stages are entered, updated and tracked. Computerized receipt note, delivery challan and invoicing is part of our foolproof system in place. Apart from print, during WIP stages we will notify you with email on scheduling and at the time of closing with every detail for e.g. charges, type of call, customer name, address, model no, and service No. etc.

We will always take measures to protect your data without any deletion, alteration and omission from our side, even during workmanship and processes. However all said and done, data safety is customers responsibility. Hence it is advised that, customer need to have their frequent backup systems in place, before bringing the Laptop to service centre. In case you have forgot to take backup and rushed to service centre in hurry, As far as possible, we will discuss and try to help you backing up your data with your presence prior to undertaking any installations and setups.

Our technicians are well trained, qualified having experience between 3 to 15 years in Laptop repair industry. Many of them are high standard Chip Level repairing experts and thorough professionals in their domain.